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CRA Solutions is a (CMO) Contract Monitoring Organization that specializes in all aspects of monitoring and study management. Our organization is dedicated to perfecting the monitoring and study management process by applying the principles of (CQI) Continuous Quality Improvement. Our clinical trial managers have over 25+ years experience in the clinical research industry. Many of our CRAs are graduates of Medical Research Management's 140 hour CRA Education and Training Program "The Fundamentals of Clinical Research". Our CRAs receive training in HIPAA, and Monitoring Obligations and Methods. This training includes using a systematic approach to monitoring, monitoring tools, and report writing techniques. Our training objective is to set a standard in the monitoring approach employed by our CRAs at all investigator sites across all studies.

CRA Solutions provides Quality Monitoring and Management Services to suit our clients' clinical needs by focusing on three basic principles: Standardization, Quality and Efficiency.


  • Experienced monitoring team with an emphasis on former graduates of Medical Research Management, Inc.;
  • CRA training that involves using a systematic monitoring method and report writing techniques;
  • Study management & monitoring guidelines;and
  • Study materials for CRAs and CRCs.


  • GCP/ICH and HIPAA expertise;
  • CRA, PI and CRC Education and Training;
  • Investigator meetings and study initiation visits with comprehensive GCP/ICH and HIPAA education;
  • Site Study Binderís with GCP/ICH educational action plans;and
  • GCP and SOP Compliance


  • Web-based GCP/ICH and HIPAA education;
  • Web-based eClinTMS a Trial Management System for monitors;
  • eMonitoring Reports;
  • Instant access to trial related information; and
  • Metric Study Planning.

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